XLX886 News

Date: 2020-05-26

1. XLX886 has been upgraded to xlxd 2.4.0, which supports Icom 9700 G3 Terminal.
2. YSF886 is removed since xlxd 2.4.0 now supports YSF reflector.
3. Due to some incorrect firewall port mappings previsouly along with the migration, MMDVM hotspots were not able to connect to XLX886 since 2020-05-25 evening, this issue has been revolved.

Date: 2018-02-23

XLX886 DSTAR / DMR / C4FM Triple Play

YSF886 Reflector (http://xlx886.metropit.net/ysfr/) is now bridged to XLX886 Module C.
All D-Star, DMR and C4FM can now communicated with each other on XLX886 Module C.

Happy testing.

Date: 2018-02-12

After contacting DMR Marc ID Team, though we still don't know who is responsible for the DMR ID allocation for Taiwan,
we still would like to thank DMR Marc ID Team's effort.

Confirmed from:


The following missing IDs have been added back to the DMR User database.

4661065: BV3UB
4661033: BV5OO
4661156: BM3IMT

The restoration treatment on XLX886 will be removed immediately.

Date: 2018-02-10

[A Shame of Taiwan Amateur Radio]

The following DMR user IDs are being blocked by an anonymous team
which claimed to be authorized for DMR ID approval for Taiwan since 2017
without any explicit reason.

4661065: BV3UB
4661033: BV5OO
4661156: BM3IMT

We restored them back here in XLX886 for the following reasons:

1. These IDs were applied from DMR-Marc through appropriate process and approved.
2. These OMs have tried very hard to get their own IDs back with official process through emails,
   but were rejected due to various reasons, such as they don't have a device license of DMR radio...etc.
   which is ridiculous, since we don't find any such policy from DMR-Marc.
3. The team is actually an UNKNOWN group, no one knows who they are, and they refuse to provide their identity while users tried to apply for DMR IDs.
   We checked with CTARL and ART which are both popular and famous Amateur Radio group in Taiwan.
   None of them are responsible or authorized by DMR-Marc for DMR ID allocation/application.
4. The current DMR ID application process are obscure and not transparent.
   The UNKNOWN team will ask for personal information including photo ID, personal mobile phone number, even residential address without any NDA.
   In such situation, we believe that anyone will have large concerns in sharing personal information with an unidentified group or stranger.
5. We strongly recommend DMR-Marc to reconsider if they should keep delegating the authority of DMR ID application
   to the "claimed to be authorized" DMR ID Taiwan management team. Since there are a lot of users who have concerns 
   in sharing personal information with such anonymous/suspicious group along with the DMR ID application.

Date: 2018-02-10

D-STAR DMR Transcoding module has been upgrade to DF2ET-3003, now supporting 8 channels (4 concurrent sessions).

Date: 2017-08-27

DV User group on XLX886 has been created, and is reachable via DV-TW-886@groups.io

Date: 2017-08-26

XLX886 has encountered network device outage on Aug 26,2017. It is now fully recovered.

Date: 2017-08-24

XLX886 has been upgraded to XLX v2.0.0 supporting DMR as well as DMR/DSTAR transcoding.

Date: 2017-08-16

XLX055 and XLX886 are now interlinked with Module A and B.

Date: 2017-11-05

XLX508 and XLX886 are now interlinked with Module A.

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